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School Closure Parent Update 9.11.18



School will be open on Monday to all year groups apart from Y6. Breakfast club and After Schools Club will also remain closed. This means that if your child normally goes to After Schools that someone will have to pick them up from their class at the normal time of 3.15pm. Pupils in Y1 and Y5 should register in their normal classrooms and can be picked up from their normal classrooms at the end of the day. They will be split around school during the day with their teachers.


Dear Parents,


I am extremely sorry for the disruption to school on Friday and this coming Monday. I feel that you need more of an explanation about what has been happening and what we have been trying to do to resolve the situation.


The boilers that heat the classrooms along the veranda and the main hall are currently not working. This means that the temperatures in the classrooms are too low to teach the children. The legal minimum is 16 degrees. The classrooms are currently at 8-12 degrees without heating.


The Local Authority provided blow heaters as a temporary measure however these overloaded the system and now cannot be used. The Local Authority are looking into alternative ways of heating the classrooms until the boilers can be fixed. This may take a day or two to remedy.


I have been in contact several times a day with the Local Authority team responsible and have stressed the urgency of the situation. I have also been in contact with the Chair of Governors and the Head of the Nottingham Schools Trust about this matter.


Rather than close the whole school again we wanted to try and open as much as we could. We are going to split Y1 between Nursery, Reception and the Y2 classrooms and add in staff from Y1. We are going to split Y5 around the smaller admin areas and spaces around school which have heat such as the cabin and the meeting room. The Y6 staff will also go and help to teach the Y1 and Y5 pupils.


There are 180 pupils to split up in total within the affected classrooms. Unfortunately, we cannot safely accommodate all of them and felt that it would be better to prioritise the Y1 and Y5 pupils and put some work online for the Y6 pupils who are more independent learners. We also have to think about safeguarding and the mix, dynamic and number of pupils in different classes. The main hall does not have heating and so cannot be used as a classroom but with the hot plates used to serve lunch and the volume of pupils in the dining hall we feel that they will be able to use this for lunchtime and we will allow them to keep coats on if necessary.


On behalf of school and the governors, I unreservedly apologise for this situation. I am extremely concerned and have been doing everything I can to make sure school can re-open and provide an education for the children whose classrooms are affected. The staff are a great team and have jumped into action to try and re-organise things for Monday so that at least Y1 and Y5 can come back into school. Y6 should look on the website under the “children” section for some work and some links that they can use on Monday.


The latest update from the Local Authority is that they will definitely try to make sure we have heating in place by Tuesday morning using an emergency generator which they are fitting on Monday afternoon. We will school coms all the Y6 parents on Monday by 3.30pm with an update and we will also place an update on the school website.