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School Governors

Who are the Governing Body?

                  Jim Fields Chair               James Brown Vice Chair

The governing body is made up of parents, staff, local authority staff and people from the community.  They are responsible for the overall work of Walter Halls Primary & Early Years School and for promoting high standards. The governing body are part of the leadership team supporting, challenging and acting as ambassadors for the children and families of Walter Halls. Table of current governors :


Local Authority Governor

Co-Opted Governor

Parent Governor

Staff Governor


Jim Fields









David Birch

Curriculum Committee]Chair

Caroline Brookes

Safeguarding and Inclusion

James Brown

Vice Chair

Julie Miles

Teaching & Learning

Janine Norton

Pupil Premium and SEN

Kate Jones

Finance & Personnel Committee Chair

Tamsin Millns




Fiona Smith

Andrea Cox

Eve Moran








What do the governors do?

There is a leaflet on this page explaining the role of a school governor. Governors act as critical friends. Their role is often strategic and they also have certain statutory responsibilities. The Finance and Personnel Committee looks at the school budget, behaviour, safeguarding and matters of staffing structure and HR. The Curriculum committee looks at teaching and learning, the school development plan, pupil premium, outcomes for pupils, quality assurance and behaviour for learning. At full governors many things are discussed, the head teacher produces a report and things like staff performance reviews are considered. The governors also support the process of recruitment in school.


The governors also come into school to carry out visits. Below is a list of visits that have taken place so far this academic year:


Julie Miles October 2016

Teaching and Learning

Lesson Observations and Learning Walk in School

Discussion of Quality Assurance and School Development Plan

Janine Norton November 2016

Pupil Premium and Interventions

Looked at the Pupil Premium Plan and Feedback from

Intervention Quality assurance.

Kate Jones Assessment September 2016 Looked at Pupil Outcomes from 2016.

Dave Birch and Kate Jones September 2016


Head Teachers Performance Review

Meet Local Authority Advisor to receive Feedback External Review

Caroline Brookes and

Emma De Winton September and

December 2016


Safeguarding Meeting




Jim Fields




Head Teacher Catch Ups

Attended Senior Staff Team Meeting

New Governor Inductions



When do the governors meet?

There is one full governors meeting and two sub-committee meetings every term.  Link governors also make regular visits to the school to meet the children and staff. A calendar of the meetings is provided below. *Please note these are subject to occasional change.


Can I become a governor?

We are always pleased to hear from people interested in governing. For information on becoming a parent governor, please contact the Head Teacher or feel free to speak to any of the governors, who can be contacted via the school office.

Information Leaflet: What does a governor do?

Governing Body Meeting Dates