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Staffing Structure

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Eve Moran

Head Teacher

Safeguarding, DSL, Assessment, Quality Assurance and Attendance.

Jo Glover

Deputy Head Teacher

Inclusion and Early Intervention, Safeguarding, DSL, SENCO, DT (Designated Teacher for Looked After Pupils - LAC).

Diane Johnson


Business Manager

Finance, HR, Capital Projects, Office Management, Line Manager Lunch Supervisors and Extended Schools Services, First Aid Lead, Risk Assessments (OVC).

Strategic Group: School Development, Standards, School Self Evaluation, Communication, Recruitment, Professional Development, Appraisal, Vision and Strategic Development.

The Senior Staff Team (SST)

Catherine Hill and Sarah Wright

Phase Leader

Early Years

Phase Lead Role Summary:

Monitoring of Teaching and Learning across Phase

Team Leader

New Staff Support

Model, Support and Promote positive school expectations in Teaching, Behaviour, Conduct and Learning Environment.

Contribute to School Development Planning


Mobeen Moazzam

Phase Leader

Year 1 and 2

Fiona Smith

Phase Leader

Year 3 and 4

Jennie Rodgers

Phase Leader

Year 5 and 6

Bronwen Kwame


English Leader

Read Write Inc Lead


English Lead Role Summary:

Reading and Writing in the curriculum.

Monitoring of English across school.

Lead initiatives in English to raise standards across school.

Subject Promotion and Lead Training as Required.

Coaching and Support as required.

Gwilym Jones

Maths Lead


Maths Lead Role Summary:

Maths in the curriculum.

Monitoring of Maths across school.

Lead initiatives in Maths to raise standards across school.

Subject Promotion and Lead Training as required.

Coaching and Support as required.

The Teaching Team


Teacher / Teaching Assistant



Cover and Interventions

Early Years / YN and YR

(Phase 1)


Lead: Rebecca Smith

Catherine Hill


Ursula O'Reilly

Yvonne Wright (M-W) / Lisa Lilley (Th-Fri)

Sarah Wright


Katie Davey 

Nicola Parkes

Ellis Atkinson

Julie Upton

Year 1 and Year 2

(Phase 2 / KS1)






Lead: Mobeen Moazzam

Rob Starling

Leigh Thompson

Andrea Cairns (Mon-Tues)


Gemma Mussared Johnson


Ellie Boaden

Hannah Gamble

Andrea Cox

Donna Cooling (M-W) / Laura McGann (Th-Fri)

Mobeen Moazzam

Julie Bell

Year 3 and Year 4

(Phase 3)



Lead: Jennie Rodgers

Fiona Smith

Virginia South

Andrea Cairns (Mon-Weds)


Gemma Mussared Johnson (Weds)


Jane Honnibole

Christine Greensmith

Corinne Routledge / Bronwen Walters

Sue Smalley

Hannah Pope

Tracey Watson

Year 5 and Year 6

(Phase 4)





Lead: Fiona Smith

Natalie Baker

Amanda Attewell

Lisa Wood (Tues/Weds)


Laurence McNalley (Tues/Weds)



Maddie Kozub

Nikki Jackson

Ian Burbidge

Jennie Rodgers

Gwilym Jones

Deb Padmore

EMAG Support

Amanda Attawell (From 1.30pm Onwards Daily)

Christine Greensmith (From 1.30pm Onwards Daily)

Inclusion Team

Lead: Jo Glover (SENCO)

Lee Neal (Assistant SENCO)

Kerrie Adams (Welfare Officer and Playtherapist)

June Armstrong (Mon-Weds) / Diana De Butts (Weds-Fri)

Vanessa Gabbitas

Sam Dixon

Emily Joyce and Dawn Hollingsworth

Administrative and Support Staff

Diane Davis: Business Manager

Belinda O'Connor: Office Administration

Alex Epton: Office Administration

Melinda Henshaw: Receptionist

Dave Lupton: Site Manager
Carol Lupton: Cleaner

Extended Schools

Gill Policott: After Schools Leader

Bev Fountain: Breakfast Club


Lunchtime Support Staff

Lead by Bev Fountain

Catering Staff

Lead By Tina Brown

Subject/ Area Leader Positions 2017 to 2018


Staff Member


Ian Burbidge

Reading (Benchmarking and Books Fair etc.)

Mobeen Moazzam


Corinne Routledge


Jenny Rodgers and Fiona Smith *Due to size of role.


Eve Moran and Kerrie Adams


Andrea Cox


Sarah Wright


Eve Moran


Gemma Mussared-Johnson


Maddie Kozub


Andrea Cairns and Laurence McNalley


Natalie Baker

Ready, Steady, Go, Oversee Admissions and Family Support Group

Catherine Hill

Eco Awareness

Jo Glover

Extended Schools

Lisa Wood


Gwilym Jones


Bronwen Kwame

School Council

Di Davis and Dawn Hollingsworth

Trips and Visits Evolve

Di Davis and Eve Moran

Pupil Premium

Eve Moran

EMAG (Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant)

Amanda Attewell and Christine Green Smith