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Who Are We?

The School Council is a group of pupils who are elected by their class mates and meet regularly to discuss class and school issues.  They represent the views of all pupils in school and work together to improve their school.  They are responsible for carrying out ideas that have been agreed at school council meetings such as; school lunches, fund raising ideas, and new playground activities. The School Council is one way of ensuring the voice of the children is heard and has an impact on the development of the school.




The Team:


1A - Temi

1B -  Majd

2A - Solomon

2B -  Millie

3A - Ronny

3B - Elise

4A - Aaisha

4B - Shepherd

5A - Dylan & Daisy

5B - Ravi

5B - Ali

6A - Liam

6A - Nicole