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Admissions to Reception (F2)

Welcome to Walter Halls!

Follow our Instagram feed to see what we are up to in F2! While you cannot visit, we want you to be able to see what sort of things we get up to!

These are the most recent letters of correspondence for families who have accepted their school places.

Welcome to Walter Halls F2!

If you have received your allocated place to Walter Halls, please ensure you have accepted it so that we can send you all the relevant information about your child's transition to school.


19th April - These are a selection of the activities children were accessing in F2 today!

The Schools Admissions Team will be contacting families about school places from April 16th, please check your emails for information.

Upon acceptance of the school place, you will be contacted by Mrs Wright from F2 who will be able to answer questions around transition arrangements and give you more information.


Please keep checking this page of the website for updates if you think you have missed anything.