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Assembly Topics KS1 and KS2

Whole school assembly for KS2 is on a Wednesday morning and on a Tuesday afternoon for KS1. These assemblies are linked in to PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) and citizenship and cover many broad topics which encourage children to reflect about themselves and the world around us. Music Assembly is on a Monday for KS1 and KS2 and Celebration Assembly is on a Friday Afternoon (more information about these Assemblies can be found on the music section of this website which is in Key Documents-Curriculum and under the celebration assembly section of the website Parents-Celebration Assembly). Assembly topics are reviewed each year and take into account need in the community and current affairs. We try to include a range of topics and link in to safety and welfare eg Road Safety and Anti-Bullying. They are subject to slight change - for instance if a whole school issue or current affair comes to light which we feel needs addressing.


If you have any questions about any of our assemblies please email the Headteacher at headteacher@walterhalls.nottingham.sch.uk.  We are a non-denominational, multi cultural school and aim to ensure our assemblies include reflection on of lots of different ideas, cultures and faiths whilst encouraging our shared values of respect and democracy.


Autumn Term 2017

Learning Leaders Learning Leaders
Happy Lunchtimes at Walter Halls Happy Lunchtimes at Walter Halls
School Council: Democracy What makes a Good Rep? School Council: Democracy What makes a Good Rep?
Poverty: Oxfam Charity Abroad in Africa Poverty: Wealth in the UK and Beyond
Black History: Super Mo Farrah Black History: The Journey of Jazz, Louis Armstrong
Anti Bullying Quiz Anti Bullying Quiz
NSPCC Assembly: Guest Speakers NSPPC Assembly: Guest Speakers
Healthy Minds: What to do about Worries Healthy Minds: Mental Health Awareness
Street Smart: Keep Safe in the Dark Street Smart: Winter Safety

*Additional Assembly: Nativity Dress Rehearsal.


Spring Term 2018

Cyber Awareness: Internet Safety Cyber Awareness: My Online Image
Roles and Responsibilities: How Can I Help? Child Labour: From Sweat Shop to High Street
Environment: Recycling Assembly Environment: Buy One Get One Free - A Good or Bad Thing?
Giving - Charity Visitor: Uganda School Project Giving - Charity Visitor: Uganda School Project
Beat Homophobia: Family Differences and Similarities Beat Homophobia: The Power of Words
Aspirations: Visitor from the World of Work Aspirations: Visitor from the World of Work
Learning from Religion: Buddha and the Four Noble Truths Learning from Religion: Islam Heart Shaped Mind
Christianity: The Easter Story Church Visit St Jude's Christianity: The Easter Story Church Visit Jude's
Road Safety Assembly Road Safety Assembly
Challenging Stereotypes: Colours are for Everyone Challenging Stereotypes: Girls or Boys or Both?
Responsibility: I didn't mean to do that...Thinking First Responsibility: Sending Messages Online....Thinking First