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Attendance at school is really important for your child's learning and development. As a school we want all children to achieve 100% attendance, but we understand that there are occasions when children are sick or need to take unavoidable absences, however, if your child's absence drops below 90% in any half term, we will send you a letter arranging to discuss this.


You can view the City Council's school attendance information here


Attendance Lead: Jo Glover - Acting Deputy Headteacher

Attendance Administrator: Alex Epton

Child Welfare Office: Jodie Burton


To report your child's absence please call the school office on 0115 9150045 and select option 1


Recognising Great Attendance

At the end of every term we hold a celebration assembly to recognise children who have achieved 100% attendance by presenting them with a medal. We also invite the parents of these children to attend the assembly. We also acknowledge children who came close, but just missed out by giving them an attendance wrist band.


The class at the end of each term with the highest attendance over all, also get a treat for the whole class!


Time Off School

Below are some examples of common reasons why children might not come to school. We've detailed next to each whether this means they should come to or stay off school.


Reason Come to school Stay off school

Regular coughs and colds, low level headache, stomach ache, earache, broken bone in a cast.


We can now administer non prescription paracetamol, ibuprofen and antihistamine to your child during school hours, providing it is in a new/unopened bottle.

We can also administer prescribed medications such as antibiotics.

Please ask the office for further details.

Highly contagious illness e.g. chickenpox, measles etc. Vomiting and or/diarrhoea (child can return to school 24 hours from the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea).
Headlice Please treat the head lice at home after school or overnight. Children should not take time off school.  
Wet uniform Children should come to school in uniform. If there is an issue due to an emergency, we have a limited supply of uniforms at school.  
Ill parent or sibling Where possible we ask that you find an alternative person to bring your child to school.  
Medical appointment Where possible we would ask that all non-urgent appointments are made outside of school time. If that is not possible, we ask that children attend school either side of the appointment.  



Are you Ready? Some Tips to help your child have a good day

· Help them get their school bag packed the night before

· Make sure their uniform is ready, especially after the holidays or weekend

· Set a limit on screen time before bed, e.g. come off technology an hour before bedtime.

· Get them to bed at a reasonable time so they have a good nights sleep

· Set the alarm clock early enough to allow plenty of time to get ready properly

· Make sure they have some breakfast

· Set off for the bus or start walking early enough so that they arrive at school on time.

· Talk to your child about what they did in school today