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Book Review Compeititon

Calling all book reviewers! Have you read a book that you think others should read? Do you want to express your opinion on it? We are launching a book review competition for all children with winners chosen from Early Year, KS1 and KS2. We would love to see what you have read and what you think about it. Please look at the video clips of Miss Walters and Miss Rodgers for ideas on how to review a book. You could make a video, write a review or make a poster. We'll post some more examples over the next few days.


Closing date is Wednesday 24th June and winners will be announced on Thursday 25th June. Good luck!


You can email your entry to admin@walterhalls.nottingham.sch.uk

Mr McNally reviews 'The Tulip Touch' by Anne Fine

Mrs Cooling reviews "The Smartest Giant in Town" by Julia Donaldson

Mrs CoolingIt's a popular one. First Miss Cottam reviewed it, now click the link below to read about what Mrs Cooling thinks of "The Smartest Giant in Town" by Julia Donaldson.


Miss Cottam reviews "The Day The Crayons Quit" by Drew Dewalt

The Day the Crayons Quit reviewMiss Cottam

Mrs Attewell reviews "Schomburg : The Man Who Built a Library" by Carole Boston Weatherford

Why not try a review in a box like Mrs Attewell has?

Schomburg The Man Who Built a Library

Mrs Boaden reviews "The Bear and the Piano" by David Litchfield

The Bear and the Piano

Miss Cottam reviews "The Smartest Giant in Town" by Julia Donaldson

Miss Cottam

Smartest Giant in Town Review

Miss Rodgers reviews "Can You See Me?" by Libby Scott & Rebecca Westcott

Miss Rodgers reviews "Silly Billy" by Anthony Browne

Miss Walters reviews "Goldilocks and Just The One bear" by Leigh Hodgkinson

Miss Walters Reviews "The Explorer" by Katherine Rundell

Miss McCann reviews Tall Tales by Eamon ReillyMiss McCann reviews "Tall Tales" by E. R. Reilly

Do you remember when we had the exciting visit from Author Eamon Reilly in school? A lot of you bought his books and as a result, school was given some for free. They're in our brand new library, waiting to be read. Here is Miss McCann's review on 'Tall Tales'. You can use it as an example for how to complete an entry to the book review competition or as a book to add to your wish-list.

Mrs Routledge reviews "Six Dinner Sid" by Inga Moore