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F2 (Reception)


There is a range of work to cover the different learning times the children would have had if they were in school.

During the school day they would also have time to apply their learning through play and we would hear the children read and practise reading the Woodland Words too.

There is an example of a daily timetable as well as a timetable of learning activities below. We hope the children enjoy the home learning work.


Please contact your child’s key group leader (or more of us!) at least once per week to let us know how you are getting on, you can include photos of things they have been enjoying.

Any questions please contact us by email. Thank you, see you soon!







Timetable of daily activities

Home Learning Pack for individual children - not whole class closure

Z is for moose

This is the story about poor Moose who desperately wants to be in the m section of the alphabet but isn't sure when to join in!|


Hear Miss Davey tell you the story of Abigail the giraffe as she learns to count