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Fit, Happy and Healthy

Fit Happy and Health Week!

Carrot club

Dear Moles and Rabbits,


It is Fit, Healthy and Happy week this week! We have some fun activities that will hopefully inspire you to think about being fit, healthy and happy!


Read the story about Clive the Carrot here:

There are comprehension questions to answer and a 'find it' poster. There are also sequencing cards to cut out and order, plus a fun word search to complete.
If you fancy a bit of maths, there are addition worksheets, colour by number and ordering the characters by size.
Staying healthy makes us fit and happy so there is even a recipe to make your own healthy smoothie!
If it's art you want, there is colouring in from the story, or why don't you try making your own portrait out of vegetables in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo?
Finally, there are two physical activities. The first is a memory game. Throw the dice three times and complete the corresponding moves. For example, if you throw a parsnip, a broccoli and then a carrot, you have to do 5 sit ups, 5 star jumps and then touch your toes five times.
The last activity is to make up a dance in the style of 'chance' by Merce Cunningham. Merce Cunningham was a contemporary choreographer who used 'chance' methods to make up dances. Sometimes the dance was left to chance on the night of the performance! Throw the dice and each character corresponds to a dance move. For instance, if you throw a parsnip, you will need to start with an arm movement, then a carrot (jump), a beetroot (turn), into a sprout (a roll), followed by a potato (a kick) and finally ending with a broccoli (a balance).

There is no need to complete everything, just pick what you want to do and go at your own pace. Have fun getting fit, healthy and happy!


Please email me at elisa.boaden@walterhalls.nottingham.sch.uk if you want to share anything or have any queries.