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Behind each of the stars below you'll find a scanned version of the home learning packs that were sent home on the last day before school closed. You can use these to print, or copy to use at home. They are for dipping into and you don't need to complete the entire pack, or bring them in to school. They will not be marked and are for helping you to support your child's learning at school.


Please don't worry if your child sometimes finds the work from their year group a bit tricky to complete independently. If you would like them to have a try at some of the activities from a different year group, that is fine. It is often easier to learn independence by completing work that is a bit easier which then builds confidence. The same can be said for challenge too, so if your child is up for it, then let them dip into an older year group and if there is a day when they don't feel like doing any work from any year group, take a deep breath and try again the next day!

Useful links for supporting your child’s education at home

There are lots of great activities in the Kids Zone section of our website. In addition to this we have compiled a list of resources to help you continue your child’s education at home:






PE/Staying Active




Early Years

Outdoor Learning

Other useful sites and resourses

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non-screen activities you can do at home