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#Learning Leaders

# Learning Leaders: Please Join in with Us

This year we have launched our learning leaders as part of our behaviour for learning development. This means the skills children need to develop for learning and life. We have picked some learning leaders with key qualities for the children to learn about and demonstrate. When they demonstrate a quality they can earn a star. After achieving 5 stars for one leader the children receive a certificate and when they have 5 for each of the leaders the children can choose a learning leader badge to wear on their jumpers. Anyone who achieves all of the badges will receive a gold leader of learning badge presented by Miss Moran in a special assembly. We have been working hard to get the children to understand the qualities each leader represents. We would really love it if you could join in with us on our school Facebook and twitter site which you can access on our website. We are inviting families to use the hashtags #learningleaders and the hashtags for each leader on our site to show us what you have been doing as a family that demonstrates the skills. Each leader has two skills. We will mention these in our award ceremony and there may be some special family prizes on offer. Our school council have kicked this off and our teachers will soon be appearing on our website too! We look forward to hearing and seeing how you do!

Mo Farrah


This is the strength you show even when everything seems to be hard to achieve. Maybe making it to your dance class on a really snowy day.


Not giving up on something. This could be setting up your new Ikea bunkbeds at home or learning to ride a bike.

Amy Johnson


Doing something brave. This might be picking yourself up after a fall or conquering a fear of heights or spiders.


This is believing in yourself no matter what. For example, you might do this entering a competition.  It’s having an “I can do it” attitude.


Stephen Hawking



You may show curiosity out on a walk in the park as you look at the wildlife and trees, on a family day out at the zoo or the questions you ask after watching Planet Earth.


This is when you think about something you did or something someone said and perhaps consider how you might make a change or a difference next time. Maybe a cake recipe didn’t turn out quite right so you have thought of something better for next time.


Rosa Parkes


Showing respect for someone or something. For example, giving up your seat on the bus for an expectant mum or an elderly gentleman.


This means showing responsibility. Perhaps you have looked after a pet or led a group?


William Shakespeare



Demonstrating your creative talents for example in Art, Music, Dance, Cookery. There are plenty of ways to be creative big and small.  




This means acting in a way that is different from other people or a group or thinking of a different way to do something. Perhaps you have recycled something and given it a new use.

#WalterHalls   #learningleaders

Picture 1 "I practise my football skills"
Picture 2 "My team came back to win a match"
Picture 3 " I fell down but didn't cry"
Picture 4 "I can do mastery level maths!"
Picture 5 "I illustrated my poem"
Picture 6 "I made friends with someone new"
Picture 7 "I listen in assembly"
Picture 8 "I tidy the classroom"
Picture 9 "I find out about my themes"
Picture 10 "We reflect on childrens ideas"