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Kindness is not just for Christmas

In Early Years and Year 1 we have really focussed on what it means to be kind. Kindness is one of our school values and we have been encouraging the children to understand kindness can be heard, seen and sometimes it’s invisible too!
F2 and Year 1 have been bucket fillers, trying to say and do nice things to fill their friends’ invisible well being buckets and the F2 families shared with us how the children are bucket fillers at home too. The Year 1 children tried to spot each other being bucket fillers and wrote their friends names on post it notes to fill a class bucket.

Across school we concentrated on “Kindness being key” and in F2 we wrote kindness notes for the parents, because grown ups need to hear kind things and be supported too. Year 1 created some wonderful art relating to everyone being welcome. Which is a message that is clear across our school, we value our diverse, different and interesting school community and the children show the best example of this. They accept each others’ differences, help their friends without being asked, understand that some children need more time or they haven’t the words to communicate yet.


We are incredibly proud of the youngest children in school and the kindness, openness and acceptance to their new friends, situations and changes in school.
As staff we chose one child from each class for the Head teacher certificate for demonstrating the Walter Halls values but there are so many children who show them everyday! Well done!!

We would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas time. Please look out for each other, especially as we face having to drop off and pick up from the field again and you won’t be able to chat outside classrooms, getting to know and care for the other families in our school community. If you know of a family needing support or you need to talk about concerns please contact the school team who can direct you towards support