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'Proud To Be' Home Learning project

October is BLACK HISTORY MONTH and this year’s theme is ‘Proud to be’.

Our school council, led by Head Boy, Head Girls and all of our Inclusion Ambassadors are helping Mrs Beardah to run a project at home to think carefully about this important learning.


In school we will be busy learning lots about Black History, spending a whole ‘Friday Focus Day’ doing activities in our year groups based on Black History and at the end of term our theme week is all about Celebrating Diversity.


At home, together with your families, we want you to create a poster all about what you are



**Can you put a photograph of you on the poster, or a drawing of yourself?


**Can you tell us on the poster what you are PROUD to be? (We’ve talked a lot in assemblies about what our differences might be and why we should be proud of being different. What are your differences?)


**Maybe you want to do a poster about someone special in your family instead and why you are proud of them? How are they different and special?


Posters to Mrs Beardah or your Inclusion Ambassador by THURSDAY 14TH OCTOBER

Beautifully made posters will all go on display and shown off on our social media sites…GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!