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WE Schools Boots: “WE Feel Good” Visit

On Tuesday 21st January a group of our School Councillors, Peer Mediators and Sports Ambassadors met with representatives from the Boots “We Feel Good”.

The morning session was all about self-belief and learning about groups of people who may suffer with  low self-belief. The afternoon was an action planning session to come up with potential campaigns the school could work on, why and how. The students collectively decided to focus on helping disabled people.


Topic: Disabled People


Why: Disabled people are often excluded from social activities and consistently don't have the same opportunities. They are often not treated the same way, or poorly.


How: Fundraising, Raising Awareness, Volunteering


What: Mystery Box Challenge - the students wanted to fundraise and raise awareness about the exclusion and poor treatment of disabled people. Therefore, they wanted to package up some Mystery Boxes that they would sell to raise money for a charity that helps disabled people/the Guide Dogs charity. In each box will be a surprise prize, as well as a leaflet explaining why they're raising money for disabled people and a fact/information sheet with interesting/shocking facts about the exclusion/mistreatment of disabled people to raise awareness.


The school also wanted to do a Guide Dog fundraiser (possibly with the idea above, as well as a bake sale). They wanted to invite a Guide Dog speaker (and dog) to visit the school and explain the importance of this fundraiser/cause.


Finally, the school wanted to make a video to post on their school website to raise awareness of the issue and encourage people to donate money.


Slogans: We're All Different, But We Deserve to be Treated the Same.