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Phased Return Following COVID-19 Closure

Dear parents/ carers,


Some really important updates in this message for you so please do read through all of the information carefully. I realise it is a lot and I apologise for that but it’s so important that you have everything you need to know as soon as I can get it to you.


Some of our year 6 children have now returned to school and we have been given the go-ahead to open to F1 and F2 from Monday 22nd June and Year 1 from Wednesday 24th.


If you previously requested your child to attend school, we will assume this is still correct. If you no longer wish for your child to attend, please call the office to let us know.


If you haven’t contacted us to secure your place you need to do this first before arriving with your child as we may not have a space left for you.


Rules & Systems – It is so important to guarantee health and safety of children and staff on site that we all stick to the rules set out. This relies on everyone, including our parents and carers, to know what they are and stick to them at all times. So that you are fully aware, I’ve updated the Q&A document with further information and have also now made leaflets for each group. Please take time now to read through both these things fully.

  • Please bring a water bottle to be brought to school and, where possible, a change of clothes as we are doing lots of outdoor activities in all year groups.

  • Please also note GATES & TIMINGS must be stuck to in all cases.

Fruit & Milk – We have managed to re-establish our milk delivery but are having problems with our usual fruit delivery which would normally get distributed to our younger children in school. Whilst we work to resolve this please try to pack your child an extra healthy snack to eat at break time.


Risk Assessment – All schools have had to complete a very detailed risk assessment in order to be allowed to proceed with opening. As parents and carers, you are more than welcome to request a copy of this and to read through it yourselves too. Please call our office if you would like us to send you a copy.


Photos of site and extra reassurance – There may be some of you worried about what our site now looks like. I’ve compiled some photos of how rooms are being prepared. We have taken the approach of ‘stripping back’ and reducing our resources rather than removing items completely. The only items completely removed are those which cannot be washed and cleaned daily. Because we are operating in small bubbles and we have a beautiful and large site to use, we are not marking out corridors or playgrounds in any way. If you want a further chat about any of this please call us – all staff have been fully briefed on our approaches and the reasons behind them.

We will continue to send photos after we open so you can all see how we are getting on.


If anyone decides they would like to start sending their child in, from these particular year groups, and you haven’t yet signed up for a place then get in touch with the office. At the moment we have a few spaces available but once we reach our safe limit in each bubble we won’t be able to add any more children in, unless guidance from the government changes over the coming weeks.


Home learning: Please see the letter below for all of our families who remain at home. I hope this makes our new approaches to Home Learning really clear. I would kindly ask that you are patient with us whilst this new team establishes itself and creates the new activities for you to have. I’ve also attached some general advice that the Department for Education have shared on effective Home Learning approaches.

As always, if you need anything or want to check anything at all please do get in touch.


Thank you all for your support, understanding and kind messages we’ve been getting during this challenging time. Our staff have never worked so hard or so differently and we will continue to do anything we can to support all of you.


Fingers crossed that we are heading in the right direction and will come out the other side very soon!


Take care,

Emma Beardah


Here’s a reminder of some key contact details if you need them:

School office – 0115 9150045