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Make a Pledge to Read

Many footballers like to challenge themselves by setting targets. They might pledge to score 15 goals over a reason and then work really hard to make it happen. The pledge helps to shape their training and mindset.


Sometimes, it's difficult to motivate yourself to read. Making a pledge can be helpful here too. Many professional footballers know this: that's why they made the pledges to read in this video:

I pledge to read...

Professional footballers explain why reading is important to them and make a personal reading pledge. Make your own at https://literacytrust.org.uk/family-zo...

Visit National Literacy Trust for more information.
Design a national book tokenCould you win a £10 National Book Token for everyone in your class? Why not have a go and find out? Submit your design for a book token on the website below. We'd also love to see your designs so ask a grown up to post them in the comments on our facebook post, or email them to admin@walterhalls.nottingham.sch.uk.

If you like these...


We know that you have your favourite authors... We challenge you go branch out and try some similar styled stories, but by different authors.


Lots of these books are going to be in our fanatic new library so why not create a wish list of books that you would like to read from these titles? E-mail your wish list to admin@walterhalls.nottingham.sch.uk.


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