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Roles and Responsibilities

Peer Mediators are required to apply for their jobs, undergo training with the Child Welfare Officer. Our peer mediators are chosen from Year 6. They are selected on their suitability to deal maturely and sensitively with problems but also know their limitations and when to involve an adult.

Peer mediators meet regularly to discuss issue and share strategies for dealing with problems. There are 14 peer mediators who work in pairs in Early Years, KS1 and KS2 playgrounds at lunchtimes.


Skills Required


Peer Mediator Job Description

  •  Initiate games for children who have no one to play with.
  •  Support the children on the playground and resolve any problems.
  •  Act as a role model for how to behave on the playground.
  •  Look out for bullying behaviour and alert adults.
  •  Ensure a happy playtime for all the children.




Your role is to support the children that are having problems at playtimes and identify any issues that can be dealt with.



You will often need to deal with children who are upset and need advice. In order to do this you must remain calm and deal with the situation.


Problem Solver

You will need to sort out problems between groups of children or individuals. These can be anything from falling out with friends to having no one to play with.



This role involves you sacrificing some of your own playtimes. People are relying on you to do this job well and turn up on time according to the timetable.



You need to be able to listen carefully, be welcoming and confident with the children.


Good Communicator

You need to be able to talk with staff and students from across the school. You need to be impartial and listen to both sides of the story.