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School Development

We want to be as informative and as transparent as possible. We are working hard to make sure all of our children have the best education. Here you can find our whole school development plan for our key priorities. You can also find a summary version. We hope this is useful. The staff and Senior Leadership team update the plan regularly. It is a working document. If you have any comments or ideas to contribute please contact us. The governors look at this twice a term and the school council will be reviewing the plan at the end of Autumn term so everyone is involved.
Below is a summary of our school development areas in a table and then the whole plan is also posted as a PDF.

Reading will be a key focus this year as we develop new reading comprehension systems in KS2 and invest in book corners and reading areas.

We will be further developing our speech and language provision in Early Years and KS1. We have identified this as an area that some children need more support with when they come into school.

We will be developing our Science curriculum looking at exciting investigations across school.

We have invested in PE coaches to give children across school additional PE tasters in sports that they might not normally try such as dodgeball and archery. This has been timetabled across the year.

Miss Adams will be leading PSHE workshops across school for all children focusing on things such as social media safety and self-resilience. (PSHE is Personal, Social and Health Education)

In Maths we will be working on further increasing our children’s number fact knowledge particularly in times tables. Make sure you are signed up to Mathletics at home.

There will be lots of transition sessions happening behind the scenes to make sure that there is a smooth handover from Miss Moran to Mrs Glover and Mrs Moazzam in January.

We are looking to hire an attendance officer for daily attendance support from January. The persistent absence (below 90%) of some of our pupils continues to be an issue for school and we wish to offer targeted support to some families.

We have a comprehensive buildings program this year and will be upgrading parts of the school with essential maintenance projects.

School Development Plan 2018 to 2019