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School Uniform

School Uniform

We expect all children to be in uniform.  We feel that it encourages a sense of pride and unity and avoids children becoming competitive about what they are wearing.  Although we would like children to have a sweatshirt with the school logo on we understand that these are more expensive and you may choose to buy a plain version from a local supermarkets school wear selection.  Plain versions must be smart, the same type (e.g. a sweatshirt not a jumper)  in the same colour and from a children's school wear selection. 


Book bags are available from the school office, priced  £3.50


Please put your child's name on all clothing using a marker pen or labels.


You can purchase Walter Halls  school uniform from:

Schoolwear Solutions.
806 Woodborough Road
Telephone : 0115 8719926
Website: http://www.schoolwearsolutions.com/


Or online at myclothing.com


A list of our uniform, including pictures and information on P.E. kit, shoes, jewellery and hair accessories can be found on the link below.