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Showcasing Our New Library

Cinnamon by Neil GaimanCinnamon by Neil Gaiman

This is a beautiful and original book written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by the very talented Divya Srinivasan. The language throughout the book is poetic and the sentence construction paints powerful images in your mind. The tiger's presence is commanding yet calm and the way in which the tries to get the client princess t talk is very touching. This is a must read for ages 8-11.

This Moose Belongs to Me

I Can Only Draw Worms

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

This is 'Hair Love', a short film and read-along story ( you can always turn the sound off if you want to read it to your child). This is one of Miss Walters' favourite books... a beautiful story about a daddy having a go at doing his daughter's hair for a very special occasion.

Fantasitcally Great Women Who changed the WorldBook Recommendation - Mrs Beardah's Choice

There's been a lot of amazing people who have changed history and shaped how we live today, but often we don't talk about the women who have done just that. This book is fantastic to find out about lots of different brilliant females who have been brave, bold, talented and simply fantastic. It's easy to read, full of interesting facts and great illustrations to help children from 7-11 years. Read about their journeys to success and how they have inspired others along the way! What do you notice about the author's name? Does it sound familiar?

Miss McCann reivews Tall Tales by Eamon ReillyMiss McCann reviews "Tall Tales" by E. R. Reilly

Do you remember when we had the exciting visit from Author Eamon Reilly in school? A lot of you bought his books and as a result, school was given some for free. They're in our brand new library, waiting to be read. Here is Miss McCann's review on 'Tall Tales'. You can use it as an example for how to complete an entry to the book review competition or as a book to add to your wish-list.