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Miss WaltersMiss Walters - Enjoying the Sunshine and Accidental decoration

Hi Everyone, hope you are all ok and you and you're enjoying the beautiful weather. I ended up having a water fight with Kyawyn in the garden and got soaked - it was great fun. I hid behind a small palm tree in the garden but it didn't offer much protection!


It has been so nice to see all that you have been doing and working on. You are all very creative and I have read on Facebook and through emails about lots of acts of kindness taking place which has been lovely to read about and see. We must look after each When you can't find the sunshine be the sunshineother through all of this and it is a great way to be innovative about how to care for the ones we love who we cannot be with right now. After being part of the Walter Halls staff photo montage, my sisters and I made on for our mum, who is going through lockdown on her one. Here is the sign I made. We made a video one a few weeks later where we danced... but you don't want to see that!


Accidentally decorated room

As well as doing lots of work for school (you'll see!) I accidentally decorated a room in my house. You might be wondering "how do you accidentally decorate a room?" but your grown-ups might understand... Kyawyn's old bedroom had a nursery wallpaper boarder all around it and I was just a bit curious about how easily it could or would come off, so I gave one little corner a little tug... R...I...I...I...I...P! A huge patch came off in my hands- and-then-I-knew..., there was not going back - it was time to decorate it ALL! It feels lovely and fresh and I'm glad I did it. The next big job is the fence which needs painting.... AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

Goldsmith art


One of Kyawn's tasks from her school was to make some Andy Goldsworth Art, he's a famous sculptor who uses natural resources and makes really interesting patterns with them. Here's one that we made whilst out on a walk. Whilst we were out, we saw a toad crawling along which was lovely to watch and a duck with her 4 ducklings. We also regularly see a heron - which I love to watch. I can't believe how still they stand and for soooooooo long! I couldn't do that... could you? Can you spot it in the picture? It then flew away to another part of the pond - its wings were enormous!

Love to you all,

Miss Walters xxx

Mr HancockMr Hancock - Sheffield, Chrunchies and Star Wars


Week 9... Can you believe it!?! I hope you and your families are all safe and well.


I drove up to Sheffield to see my parents at the weekend. We made sure we kept to the social distancing guidelines, but it was still really lovely to see them. I went for a walk with my mum around the area I grew up in, and then spent some time with my Dad in the local park. The other advantage of going home is my Mum sent me back to CrunchiesNottingham stocked up with some goodies. One of the items was a pack of Crunchies (my favourite chocolate bar!) and I've almost finished them already! On May the 4th, I also watched 'The Rise of Skywalker' for the first time since watching the film at the cinema. I still don't think it's as good as the originals, but there are still some cool moments like Rey's yellow lightsabre or when the past Jedi lie Yoda and Obi-Wan talk to ReyRey in the final battle.


It was nice to see some of you take part in my quiz that was put up on the school's website and social media pages. The scores were very high, so maybe I need to make the next one a little more challenging! My partner, Abi, had a go and got 21 our of 42. She was pretty happy until I told her that some of you beat her. She is quite competitive!


I have created some more resources if you need some extra learning to do at home. There is a combination of English, Maths, Reading Comprehension and a couple of extra challenges that you might enjoy! If you would like to have a go, please email me at Thomas.Hancock@walterhalls.nottingham.sch.uk.


It's been great to hear from a few of you about the things you have been doing whilst at home. Please keep updating me on your progress smiley


I know this can be really tough - I have had my fair share of up and down moments. All we can do is try and stay as positive as we can and look after one another. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Up the Villa!

Mr Hancock

Mrs EptonMrs Epton - Crafting, Running and Going on "Holiday"

Hi Everyone!


I hope you're all OK and that you're finding lots of things to do at home. I've been working from home quite a lot and looking after my two children, Stanley and Max. I've also been working in school some days, but it's not the same without all your smiling faces, although it's been nice to see the teachers and children who have been in school.


I've got lots of hobbies, so I've been keeping very busy having a go at some crafts, tRainbow Challengerying to keep active and even made a video with my drama group (it's on facebook, so if your grown ups have it, you could take a look). I love sewing and make some of my own clothes, but I don't very often try hand sewing, so I've had a go at embroidery, cross stitch and applique. I designed my own simple picture and then recreated it in each style. I also love running and I've been joining in with some challenges set by my running club. I've done a rainbow challenge where I had to wear a different coloured top each time I ran and look for things in those colours. It really made me look around me when I'm running! I've also ran lots near school to make deliveries to some of our families. I did this on my Green day and found some beautiful places with lots of trees, grass and flowers! I hope you've been managing to get out and about a bit for your exercise time.

Miniature ice gardens


Your teachers have been sending me lots of fun activities for you to try at home and it's been my job to post them on the website and facebook. It's been lovely seeing some of you having a go at them. One of my favourites was the miniature ice garden which I did with my two children. Max (my youngest) wanted to do it again and again and we now have lots of different things in our freezer. If you'd like to have a go at any of the activities, you can find them in the Activity of the Day section on the website.


Normally at this time of year, I'd have been going away in our caravan with my family and this weekend we decided we needed a holiday, so we stayed in our caravan on the drive way. It was a really nice campsite, although the weather was a bit cold and rainy on Sunday!


Looking forward to seeing you all again soon, but in the meantime, be kind and stay safe!

From Mrs Epton xx

Miss DaveyMiss Davey - Painting, Running and Quizzing

Hello Early Years!


I hope that you and your families are well and that you had a lovely Easter. I hope the Easter Bunny was kind to you!


I have been keeping busy working from home as well as making my garden look pretty. We have had some beautiful weather, haven't we? I have painted my garden fence and Deckingdecking, although I appeared to get more paint on myself and the walls than I did on the fence or decking - oops! I've also been planting lots of different flowers and I can't wait to see them grow and bloom.


I have also been busy sorting out photographs of you all for your very special Superstar books. It has made me feel incredibly proud of you all. You have all achieved so much this year! You all demonstrate a real love for learning and that really shines through when you look through your Superstar books. I am missing you all lots and can't wait to see you all again. You made me smile every day with all the lovely, funny and clever things that you would say.


Cat in a bagI haven't been able to go to my dance classes so I decided to start jogging for my daily exercise. It's a lot harder than it looks and makes your legs feel like jelly! I am persevering at it though and I am getting better each week! I have ordered some new running shoes because I remember that some of you told me that new shoes make you run faster so I thought I would give it a try!


I have also been spending my time making and taking part in quizzes with my friends on FaceTime. When it was my turn to make the quiz, I asked lots of questions a bout space, Chinese New Year and dinosaurs. Do you know, not many of them were able to answer the questions! I boasted to them that I knew my Mole class would have been able to answer them because you all did some fantastic learning around those topics!


I can't wait to see you all again Moles! I have loved hearing from some of you and seeing what you have been up to. My email address is katie.davey@walterhalls.nottingham.sch.uk if you would like to email me about anything at all, or just send me some photos of what you have been up to - I would love to seem them!


Love Miss Davey

Mrs ParkesMrs Parkes - Painting, decorating and a naughty dog!

Well hello everyone, and an extra special hello to the Rabbit class and the Mole class of course! How are you all? I hope you are all being good for your adults and keeping up all the hard work I know you can do. I bet you are enjoying all that extra playtime. I really miss you all and I especially miss saying "it's time to get busy now children". I can't wait to see you all to hear what you have been up to. We will have to have a super long milk and fruit time to catch up on everyone's adventures.


I have been very busy decorating my home. I have painted every wall in my house. Can you imagine how long that has taken me? My husband Chris says I'm not very good at painting, but I think I am! I would rather be with you at the creative table painting something exciting though. What wonderful creations have you made since I last saw you? Make sure you bring them to school to show me when we are all allowed to go back.


Can you remember when I used to talk about my dog Lottie? Well, she has been a little bit naughty lately! YouLottie will never believe what she did. The other day I was feeling a little peckish, so I made me and Elliott, my little boy, a cheese sandwich and I went upstairs to tell Elliott it was ready. When we came downstairs we couldn't believe where the cheese sandwich was! It was in Lottie's mouth! Yes, Lottie loves cheese just as much as I do.


I would love to chat with you for longer, but I have to go now because Lottie needs a big walk and she is waiting for me at the door. So goodbye to you for now, but let's hope it's a very big hello very soon.


Lots of love from

Mrs Parkes X

Miss CottamMiss Cottam - Hedgehogs, gingerbread men and rainbows

Hello 2B,


Another week has passed and we are now at the end of week 6. I can't believe it's been so long since I have last seen you all! I hope you are all doing well and continuing to look after yourselves and those around you.


It's been a busy week for me in school working with all the KS1 children. On Monday we Hedgehogswere lucky to have nice weather so we took advantage of this and spent a lot of time outside. We gathered different materials to make spikes for our hedgehogs as part of our story 'Don't Hog The Hedge'. We then decided to decorate a hedgehog hotel for them to sleep in. The children all picked their own colours so it turned out to be a marvellous combination of colours. I hope your own hedgehog hotels are coming along nicely too - I'm really looking forward to seeing them all!

MinibeastsWe also took part in some shape work, making different mini-beasts and playing some maths games too. As we had the brilliant baking skills of Miss Gamble, we also took part in some yummy baking. We made some gingerbread men which cakeswe then decorated and also some scrumptious buns. Myself and Miss Gamble decided it would be a nice idea for us to decorate the school gates with the children's help. We created a rainbow of hands to celebrate all the hard work key workers are doing at the moment. The children loved getting their hands messy with all the paints! All the children in school then helped us to colour in some pages thanking all the different types of key workers. If you walk,/drive past the school gates, go and have a look - I hope you like it!

Hand rainbowI've really enjoyed being in school this week, looking after the children and getting to see some of the amazing Walter Halls family. Never forget that you are all playing a key role by staying at home! I am so proud of you all and can't wait 'til we can all be together again. Remember I am always here if you need me.


Miss you all

Miss Cottam

Mrs Mussared-JohnsonMrs Mussared-Johnson - Baking, bike rides and big empty boxes

Hello again 1A!


I hope that you and your families are all well. I do miss you and am looking forward to seeing everyone again in school.


Well it's been a busy few weeks for me, I've been writing your reports so that your grown-ups can read about how super you are in school. I've also been doing lots of reading and searching for fun ideas and activities for us when we're back at school.


Keeping my children busy and learning is also keeping me busy thinking of new things to do. We've enjoyed putting up an old tent in our back garden and creating a play campsite complete with mud kitchen and fire pit! Yana loves being outside and she has been busy playing in the mud kitchen. She has served us all kinds of mud, flower and plant soups, teas and cakes. The ten has also become Huey's reading den, he filled it with cushions and blankets and has been enjoying reading stories to his little sister.


We've also been experimenting with some creativity. After lots of discussion, we turned a very large empty box into a playhouse that the children painted. WE then rolled a big strip of paper out on the grass in the garden, painted our feet and walked around on it. It was great fun!


Over this last week, I have been particularly enjoying going out for family bike rides. Yana likes sitting in the seat on the back of my husband's bike shouting "faster daddy faster" and Huey is feeling proud of himself for managing to cycle further than he ever has before.


The highlight of my week was baking with Huey and Yana, it was very messy, but lots of fun. The best part was eating some of the very chocolatey cupcakes that we made. They were delicious!


Take care everyone and be kind to each other.

Love from Mrs M-J x

Mrs Lilley

Mrs Lilley - Keeping busy at home

Hello Hedgehogs and Owls,


I hope that you are all well, I do miss seeing your lovely smiley faces on Thursdays and Fridays. I can't wait to see you all again soon once schools are allowed to be opened again. I know that you love to hear all of our gossip and news from home so I thought I would write you a little note to tell you what I have been doing.


I have been busy at home with my 2 lovely teenagers (although they can be 2 grumpy teenagers sometimes). Jack should have been doing his GCSE exams this summer, so he was really disappointed at first when they were cancelled as he worked really, really hard for them. He is happy now though as I am sure his teachers will make sure that he gets the results he deserves! He is also very happy as he has realised that he has got lots of time to play on his Xbox now (mmmm… I will make sure I find lots of jobs for him to do).

Nutmeg and Cinnamon

Izzy (who is almost 14) has been busy chatting to her friends on the phone and they have been busy doing their school work together. She has been enjoying learning to cook too, so I am hoping she will make me some delicious treats to eat! She has also been giving our guinea pigs, Nutmeg and Cinnamon, lots of extra cuddles. I bet they like having Izzy at home more.

Camper van planter

I am so happy that the sun has been shining outside. I have been busy learning how to do some gardening. I let my husband Richard do all the hard work in digging out the soil, then Izzy and myself get the lovely job of planting all the beautiful flowers. We've also put some in my favourite place to visit.


Paddington Jigsaw PuzzleI've also been trying to do a jigsaw puzzle. It's a Paddington Bear one that has got 1000 pieces! I wish now that I had helped Miss Hill more when tidying up the jigsaws in F1, because I am not very good at it. I will persevere though - I am learning to be a lot more patient whilst spending so much time at home.


I've also spent lots of time finding lots of nice activities for the Owls and Hedgehots to enjoy. I've found some really lovely ones, I cant wait to share them with you when I see you all again. One of them involved lots of music and dancing (and you know how much I love to dance and put some fun music on in F1). It's a little bit like Dough Disco, but even more fun! It's called 'Squiggle while you Wiggle'. Jack and Izzy have been laughing at me as I have been practicing the moves.


Keep being good at home for your grown ups - I love hearing about all the things that you have been doing. I miss you lots and am really looking forward to seeing you all again.


Love Mrs Lilley

Mrs CoxMrs Cox - Birthdays, Books and Blossom

Hey Walter Halls Family, how are you today?

I can't tell you how much I'm missing you all - it's more than a lot! I hope you are all keeping healthy, staying safe and in good spirits.


Even though I've been busy at home doing lots of work, I've also had plenty of fun times iwht my family. A massive highlight was that Jack and Max, my twins, had their birthday. They were 14. 14! I mean - how did that happen? Many of your parents and older brothers and sisters will remember them when they were tiny newborns, now they are taller than me and still seem to sleep as much as they did then! I thought I would show you some of the things we've been getting up to in the last couple of weeks.

Miss CottamMiss Cottam - Making the most of it

Hello 2B,


These last few weeks have turned into a blur! I've still been working from home; as you know I only moved in a couple of days before we left school, so it's all be quite an adjustment to make. it's definitely been hard not being able to see my family (and of course Lola too), but I know that we're all working together to be able to see each other soon!


While at home, I've been trying to do a mixture of things each day to keep myself entertained. I've been doing some planning, school reports, preparing displays and keeping in touch with Mrs Bell and all the year 2 team. It has been great hearing from you, so please keep emailing in what you're doing and remember if you need any support or resources then please continue to contact me. Remember, I'm only and email away!New dining room


My partner and I have recently decided to try and make the most out of the situation and have started to decorate the house a room at a time. This has definitely made it more difficult to focus as there are tools everywhere! We've just completed the dining room and are now moving on to the lounge. It's really been enjoyable to do some hands-on work as a break every now and then. I hope you are all taking time out at home to enjoy the weather and maybe learn a New dining roomnew skill too.


I'm back at school next week, so I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and getting to catch up with some more of the Walter Halls family. Whilst I am in school, I will still be regularly checking my emails, so please do keep sending pictures of what you are getting up to or even if you just want to have a chat!


I'm missing you all greatly and can't wait to see you all again soon.


Keep smiling 2B,

Miss Cottam

Miss HillMiss Hill - Running, baking and sewing!

Hello lovely Owls and Hedgehogs,


It does seem a long time wince we were all together. I miss you and your families all very much, and I miss my teacher friends too. This week I have spoken to Mrs Wynne and Mrs Lilley on the phone and it was so lovely to hear their voices and to find out what they have been u p to. I know lots of you have been on our **Unofficial** Walter Halls Nursery Social Group Facebook page, so will have seen Mrs Wynne and Mrs Lilley's smiling faces on there and I have seen that you have been having a go at the challenges and activities they have been setting. I have really enjoyed looing at your photos and films on there.


I am being very busy at home with my family. As lots of you know, I love to go running and I have been doing this almost every day. I have been challenging myself to run longer distances or to run quicker. I think I will need to buy some new running trainers very soon. I run early in the morning and really enjoy listening to the birds singing and I love to see what new plants are growing in the fields and hedges. I have seen lambs, calves, llamas, frogs, rabbits, a hare and lots of different birds. I have also heard (but not seen) an owl and a woodpecker!


My children are keeping me busy too. Some of you will remember Georgia (you met her at Seaside Day last summer). She has been painting, reading, learning to play the piano and doing her dance classes via video links. I have also been doing my "Adult Ballet" class via video link. Fergus is doing lots of practice of "keepie-uppies" in the garden with his football, alongside keeping on top of his school work. Both of them have taken up running, as has my partner Paul and they are also doing PE with Joe Wicks every day.


I am enjoying baking (and eating). Today I have made oat cookies - hedgehogs, you might recognise these as you made them with Mrs Wynne at school.


I have also been really busy with planning and making things ready for when we come back to school. I have got some lovely new books to share with you, and have planned some activities around these books. One of the stories has lots of hamsters in it, so I have been Hamstermaking some felt hamsters to go with the story. I like sewing, as lots of you know, because if you remember, I brought in a bag I had made when it was my turn to share the "family bag". So far, I have made 1 hamster and have 9 more to do!


Earlier this week it was my mum's birthday, and although we couldn't be together, we met up on Zoom with my dad, my brother and his family too and all sang Happy Birthday to her, and she blew out the candles on her cake. It is so lovely to be able to see them all at once.


I hope that this finds you all safe and well, and that you are keeping busy and active. I look forward very much to when we are back together again.


Take Care,

Lots of love from Miss Hill xx

Mr HancockMr Hancock

Hello 3B!


I hope you and your families are well.


It was fantastic being back in school last week and to see some familiar faces. We entered a competition to win a playground for the school (fingers crossed!) and enjoyed making some tasty fr4uit kebabs. WE also learnt about growth mind-set and the importance of staying positive when faced with a challenge. The children were brilliant throughout, and I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.


Mr Hancock after a run

I hope you have been making use of the fantastic weather we've had in Nottingham recently. This could be achieved by going out in the garden, or suing your one-hour of exercise to go tot he park or walk around your local area. I don't have a garden where I live, so I make sure I get outside every day to breathe in the fresh air and catch some sunlight. I have also found the motivation to start running again after a long absence! I have found a loop that takes me along the River Trent, past the City Ground/Trent Bridge and then finishing with a trip through West Bridgford. The views are tremendous, but it's quite long, so I'm extremely tired by the time I get back home!


Michael JordonYesterday I started watching the new Michael Jordan series on Netflix. For those of you who don't know - Michael Jordan is a living legend and the best basketball player to ever play the game! But back in school he didn't make the team because he was deemed by his coaches as not being good enough. Instead of quitting, Michael Jordan decided to practice even harder and prove his coaches wrong. He made the school team the following year and the rest is history! I think we can all learn something from the Michael Jordan story…


I hope you have all made progress with your home learning packs. Remember there are lots of additional resources on the website and the school's social media pages. Your parents can also email me with any questions or to tell me about what you have been doing. I have loved hearing from some of you already. Keep them coming in! My email address is Thomas.Hancock@walterhalls.nottingham.sch.uk.


Of course learning is important, but the most vital thing you can do at the moment is to stay positive and look after each other. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and we will all reach it very soon.


Keep positive!


Mr Hancock

Mrs SmithMrs Smith - Teaching myself and rising to the challenge

Hello 3A,


I just wanted to write to you because it feel so strange that we still haven't properly been able to meet. I was looking forward to returning to school and I know some of you even spotted me just before we had to close. It was lovely to see your faces as you walked smartly through the corridors.


Archie learning to walkSince school has been closed, I have been trying to learn how to complete my own school work whilst looking after my 1 year old son, Archie. I've been given a very exciting job of looking into the computing work that we do at school so I have been researching and doing learning of my own. However, I have also been roped into wearing lots of silly hats by Archie and he really enjoys taking his socks off for me to smell (it's a good job he doesn't have smelly feet). His favourite thing to do is play outside in the garden, he's trying really hard to walk, but he isn't quite confident enough yet which means myself or my husband Chris always need to be on hand.


Out for a walkHave you been getting out for your daily exercise recently? I was looking forward to using some of my spare time at home to exercise and try to become a little bit fitter. I saw lots of people talking about Joe Wicks so I tried that... once! I couldn't walk properly for three days and I have been put off ever since. We try to get some 4ecercise each day. I enjoy having a leisurely stroll in the sunshine and Archie enjoys going out in his trike. However, Miss Rodgers recently nominated me to run 5k. I think she may also have tried to involve Mrs Glover too - here was us thinking Miss Rodgers was our friend! I haven't run 5k in a very long time, but I'm not one to turn down a challenge, so off I went. 44 minutes later, I returned home huffing and puffing - it's a good job I didn't blow my house down! Don't worry though, I still consider Miss Rodgers to be a close friend of mine.


Don't forget there are lots of ideas being posted on the Walter Halls' facebook page every day and your parents can email me with questions about your learning or tell me what you've been up to. I've loved hearing from some parents and children already. I hope you and your families are all safe and I am looking forward to when the Walter Halls family can all be together again.


Take care

Mrs Smith

Mrs WrightMrs Wright - Keeping Busy!

Hello Early Years!


I am missing you all, your families and all my teacher friends.


Every single day the Early Years team have been emailing each other because we miss having chats and playing with you all. We have even been sharing what we were having for lunch!

Rainbows and slime

Poppy and Lily are keeping me very busy doing lots of exciting projects! We have made slime, rainbows and fizzing bombs, I think you would have all loved a go too! They have been doing school work and lots of activities to keep themselves and their friends busy. They are Roblox mad at the moment... all they talk about is "flyride unicorns or sloths or polar bears" and their Robux and houses!

Sonic the Hedgegho

I have read so many books, I keep getting them on my kindle so I am not going to the shops, but I really miss browsing the book shops.


In fact,  I used to really dislike shopping, now I think I miss it! I'm sure that won't last long once we are out and about again!


PetsWe have been doing Joe Wicks together each day and every day I put a shout out for Walter Halls, but he hasn't done it... yet! We have loved 'Draw with Rob' and produced some great Sonic the Hedgehogs too!


Our pets don't seem bothered by the coronavirus, they have just been enjoying the sunshine, I hope you have too!


All of the Early Years team have loved hearing from you, so please keep in touch, stay safe and happy and I cannot wait to see you all again soon!


Love Mrs Wright xxx

Miss Davey - In and out of school

Miss DaveyHello Moles!


I hope you and your families are well and staying safe. I have absolutely loved receiving emails from some of you with photos of all the busy things you have been doing. I love to see what you have been up to, so please keep sending me them - it makes my day seeing all your smiling faces and all the lovely things you have been doing with your families!


I was in school last week with the key worker children. The weather was very kind to us and we had a fantastic time going on mini-beast hunts, gardening and making collages using natural objects we found in the woods. We also made rainbows to take home and put in our windows to show our support and appreciation for all the NHS staff and key workers. Have you all be clapping on Thursday evenings for all the amazing health workers? It made me so proud to see my whole street outside clapping and cheering, showing their support. My neighbour even let off a few fireworks which lifted everyone's spirits!


Chester the catThis week I have been busy working from home. Whilst in school we started every morning by joining in with Joe Wicks' PE workout. The first few times I tried it I was exhausted and very achy! But I am continuing to join in even from home and I am getting much better! It's also a fantastic way to start the day and a good laugh as you can do it with your grown-ups, brothers and sisters!


My cat Chester hurt his paw at the beginning of this week, so has had to have a little bandage, which he wasn't too pleased about! The vet also said he wasn't allowed outside until it has healed, so he has been extra grumpy! However, I think he likes having me home as he has been getting extra cuddles and treats!


I am missing you all very much, but I hope you are enjoying spending this time making memories with your families. I hope you all have a lovely Easter filled with happiness, laughter and of course, chocolate!


Love Miss Davey


Miss Cottam - Back to school

Miss CottamHello 2B... It's me again!


Week 2 has brought back a little bit of normality for me. It was my turn to be bak in school, for half of the week, which I was very much looking forward to. It was great to see some familiar faces around the school and get to take part in some activities which we don't always have time to do.


To begin each day , we took on the challenge of taking part in Joe Wicks' morning PE Spring worksheetssessions. Now I would normally think of myself as being quite fit, however after a few of his sessions I was feeling the burn! Although it was hard and physically tiring, none of the Walter Halls team gave up and we all kept on motivating each other to keep going. On Friday we all dressed up in some silly hats and glasses; if you would like to see the photo, have a look on our school Facebook page (I'm the one in the bright pink top).


Easter Bunny masksDuring the rest of the time in school, myself and Miss Gamble decided to do some Easter crafts, baking, and gardening with the children. We made sure that we made the most of the nice weather and spent a lot of time outside playing hide and seek in the woods and also doing a scavenger hunt to see what we could find. Some of the activities we took part in are at the bottom for you to see, if you are interested in doing any of them please let me (or one of the year 2 team) and we can send you them.

Easter Egg colouring

Being in school this week has definitely made me realise just how much I love my job and the fact that I get the opportunity to work with some amazing individuals. I'm looking forward to getting back to school and seeing you all! I hope you are all doing well at home and taking care of yourselves and those around you. Remember to keep sending in pictures of what you have been getting up to at home, I would love to see them.


Until next week 2b,

Miss Cottam

Miss Pope - Muddy puddles, burnt cookies and learning new things

Miss PopeHello 4B! Oh I've missed saying that! It feels very strange for me to not see you all for such a long time. I hope you and your families are all well and you're enjoying spending time with each other and getting some fresh air when you can!


It's been a busy few weeks for me in my flat. Lots of you will remember that I moved to my flat in November, but I've only just finished unpacking last week! I've also been marking your fantastic 'Cluedo' Play scripts. They were brilliant! I even called my mum to read her some of them because she loves a mystery story as much as I do! She was blown away by your vocabulary and how detailed your characters were.


I must have missed teaching you all as I spent much of last week teaching my family how to use FaceTime on their phones. I was really missing seeing them, as I'm sure many of you are missing family and friends too, so it was lovely to be able to call them up and see their smiley faces. Well, all apart from my Dad! He's always a bit of a grump. I even managed to teach my Grandparents how to FaceTime, and they're in their eighties! Even though all I can see of my Grandma is her ear, it's still nice to be able to speak to them all (even my grumpy dad!). One night we even did a quiz with them all. But unfortunately no Harry Potter or Disney questions came up, so I don't think we did very well.


My Frida Kahlo inspired cushionIt's not just teaching I've been doing either, I've tried to make sure I am learning new things too - just like all of you at home. Last week, I tried to learn some embroidery. I've always wanted to make my own cushion cover, so I created one based on Frida Kahlo. You might remember her from when we read a story about her from one of our favourite books 'Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls'. I've taken a photo so you can all see it. I was inspired to do something arty when a few of you asked your parents to send me some of your work! It made me so happy to see you all learning new things so I thought I'd give it ago!


I even had a go at baking this week. My partner, Niall, is a carer so he still has to go out to work every day to make sure that the people he looks after are all ok. I'm very proud of him helping lots of people, so on Friday I decided to bake him some cookies to say well done! But we all know how terrible my baking is! Although Niall was thrilled I'd baked him some cookies, they were so burnt he couldn't eat them. So I think I'll leave the baking to Miss Gamble in future!


When Niall isn't at work, we've been going on walks together. For our one walk the other day, we decided to go to Gedling Country Park. We thought it would be a short, hour long walk. However, Niall isn't very good at directions. We got very badly lost and I even fell into a big muddy puddle! Which Niall thought was hilarious, (he didn't find it as funny when he had to clean the mud off my shoes later!) so we ended up walking for two and a half hours! We covered 8 and a half miles in that time! So I think my legs will be aching when I do Joe Wicks' PE session tomorrow morning!


I hope you all have a good week. Even though it's a strange time, I know you'll all be finding the positives in each day and smiling as you do so. I keep thinking of that wonderful quote from Dumbledore that we have in our classroom, "Happiness can be found in the darkest of places, if only one remembers to turn on the light." All of you can turn that light on, some of you will be writing stories or drawing pictures, some of you will read books or watch your favourite films! Wherever you find happiness, make sure you take some time to do those things this week.


Take care all of you, I can't wait to see you all again, and hopefully miss Gamble can bake us a huge cake to celebrate!

Miss Pope


Mrs Mussared-Johnson - Quiet walks, sewing projects and indoor picnics

Mrs Mussared-JohnsonHello 1A! I've been missing you all and wondering about how your are getting on.


It's been a strange but busy time for me at home with my two children, Huey 6 and Yana 2, my husband Chris and our cat Bob. Both myself and Chris are working from home some days so we have been taking turns to look after the children whilst the other one does their work. We've been checking up on our parents, siblings and friends on the telephone and helping out some of our lovely neighbours. At the end of last week we had a video call with some of our friends who live in Germany. They have two young children too so the whole family was involved. It was lovely to seem them and interesting to hear about what life is like for them at the moment. Huey did his school ar5t work over video chat with his classmate, that had lots of fun drawing each other.


I've been doing lots of school work and keeping in touch with the other year 1 teachers. We've been making some exciting plans and resources to use when we are all back together again in school.


After doing some of his school work, Huey has been learning to bounce on his pogo stick in the garden, building the biggest den he possibly could and play with his little sister. Yana love drawing, stickers and painting, so she's been busy making rainbows for our window. We try to go out as a family for a walk or bike ride every day. Yana likes jumping and skipping along and Huey has noticed how much quieter and calmer it is outside. He says that he is enjoying the quiet.


Narwhal and JellyOn Thursday night Chris and I stood in our front garden and clapped for the NHS along with most of our street. One of our neighbours is a nurse and she said that it really meant a lot to her to see so many of our neighbours out clapping to show their thanks and appreciation.


I have been teaching Huey how to use a sewing machine. Over the weekend, we spent time together making some of the characters from one of the favourite books. Have any of you read any of the Narwhal and Jelly books by Ben Clanton? If not, Huey and I highly recommend them.


Well, I should go now as we are having an indoor picnic tea on the living room floor and Huey has just come up to tell me that it is ready!


Take care everyone and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Mrs Mussared-Johnson

Mrs Cairns - What I've learned

Mrs CairnsHello Year 1,

As I'm writing this, we're now approaching the end of week two without our usual routines and I'm hoping that you're all keeping well and at least enjoying spending some extra time at home. I miss you all and very much hope that we'll be back to normal as soon as possible.


I've been working from home whilst trying to keep my two teenage daughters on track (not an easy task!). My elder daughter, Millie, was supposed to be sitting her GCSE's this year and so now finds herself with way too much time on her hands. I thought the simple solution would be improving her cooking, gardening and money management skills (great useful life skills I thought). She had a completely different view point from mine!


Smiley faceI hope when we get back to school that we don't forget these testing times we find ourselves in. I have learned to appreciate the more simple things in life and how important my family and friends are to me, many of whom are currently working on the front line in the NHS. there are only three things that matter above all else; your health, happiness and friendships. It's so important to be kind and look after each other during these testing times, and don't forget year 1 to help out at home as much as you can. I'll be asking mums and dads how good you've been when you get back to school!!

Stay safe and most importantly, stay well!

Mrs Cairns

Mrs Routledge - I'm not bossy, I'm exercising my teacher skills!

Mrs RoutledgeA big hello to all of my Walter Halls family.


These are very strange times indeed. I miss all of you and can't wait to get back to normal. In th emeantime, I hope that you are all safe and well and enjoying time with your families. Remember to keep smiling, laughing and being kind to each other.


I've been enjoying spending time with my family. We have been for our daily walks together in the sunshine, played darts and got some jobs in the garden done. I've put my teacher skills to good use, coordinating all the jobs (My husband Guy says that I'm just bossy!). Archie, Pointing the pathmy son, and Guy have done a great job of repointing our path as all the slabs were becoming wobbly. I've got some indoor jobs planned for when the weather is bad. My house has been thoroughly cleaned and although I love having a clean house, I still don't like housework.


Over the past two weeks, I've managed to do lots of school work from home and have certainly imporved my IT skills. Look out for the up and coming art projects on the school website. I can't wait to see all your fabulous creations. I am cheered up daily by all the wonderfull rainbows I see in all the windows and love the fact that so much art is being created.


I have also been helping Archie with his college work on-line. He enjoys the maths, but needs a little more prompting with his english work. Like many of you, he is desparately missing all of his sporting activities, but is managing to improve his football skills on the PlayStation, playing Fifa with his friends.


Archie has his 18th birthday on Thursday and I've spent a lot of my spare time making decorations. Hopefully the weather will be kind and we can have a bbq. Lucky for me, I get to spend the whole day with my son celebrating his day. I can't believe he's going to be 18!!!

Archie through the years

I wish a happy birthday to any of you who have had a birthday during this lockdown.


Don't forget to clap for all the key workers at 8pm on Thursday. I'm going to play a trumpet (badly), see if you can hear me!


Stay safe, look after each other and well done for all doing your bit. This will end!


Love to you all,

Mrs Routledge

Miss Cottam - Working from my NEW home

Miss CottamHello 2B! What a strange week it has been. As some of you know, I wasn't in school on the last Friday as I was moving in to my new house with my partner. It has definitely been a learning experience and I am very lucky that we moved in just in time.


I hope you are all well at home and looking after each other. Make sure you take advantage of the nice weather and go hunting for some mini-beasts that may be hiding in your gardens or even in the parks (if you can get out with your family). I'm looking forward to seeing all of your amazing 'Hedgehog Hotels' in the upcoming weeks. Whilst school is closed, if you have any questions for me then please feel free to email any of our year 2 team who will then pass it on to me.

Lola the dog
It has been a very strange experience working from home and not being able to see all of your smiling faces. I promised a few weeks ago that I would show you a picture of my dog, so I thought I would make the most of this opportunity. Introducing for the first time... Lola! This is the latest photo that my mum has sent me. Lola lives with my parents so I know that they will be looking after each other just as I hope you are all doing so with your pets and family too.


I'd love to see what you have been doing this week, so please send in some pictures of what you have been doing and I will do the same in my next entry at the end of week 2.


That's all from me this week! Remember to take care of yourselves and each other.


Hope you're all well

Miss Cottam

Mr Hancock - Not just missing the football

Mr HancoHello 3B! We have made it to week 2! I hope you and your family are well. I have spent the first week marking your adventure stories inspired by 'Toby and the Ice Giants'. They were absolutely fantastic and very entertaining to read. I have also started completing some sections for your end of year reports (don't worry - I only have positive things to say!). It feels strange to be starting this process in March, but in these unprecedented times, we have to prepare for all scenarios.


Aside from school work, my driving skills on Mario Kart have vastly improved! I have been playing online with a friend in Sheffield and it has got quite competitive. We are very evenly matched so each race is very tight and often decided by those pesky red shells.

Mr Hancock doing the housework

I miss watching my team Aston Villa play and live sport in general. I have reverted to watching highlights of our most famous wins from years gone by. Unfortunately, most of them have not been in my lifetime, but hey-ho!" I have also been trying to help out in the flat, mainly hoovering and washing the pots. My partner, Abi, has been making some incredible food, so I'm more than happy to eat and then do some cleaning after.


Well, I best get back to marking your maths books. Hopefully it won't be long until I'm stood at the front teaching you again! I'm looking forward to that day very much. In the meantime, it is so, so, so important that you keep looking after yourselves and staying healthy. Make sure you help your family out and don't drive them too crazy!


Stay positive!

Mr Hancock

Miss Walters - Not everything has changed

Miss WaltersHi 2A, I hope you are all ok. I miss you all. What a strange kind of week it has been for us all. In my house, as you know, there’s me and Kyawyn, who is 6, and we’ve spent the days keeping busy with her work; playing games and going on nice walks. Just like for you, it has been strange for her not going to school and seeing her friends and she misses them already. She said something lovely the other day when it was really sunny which made me so proud of her and made me see everything a little bit differently. She looked around as we were out walking and said, “…everything still looks the same Mummy! The virus can’t touch the grass or the sky. Look…the sky is still blue, there’s horses running around that field.” I’m glad she recognised that, in amongst all that is new, that there is a lot of beauty that hasn’t changed.


Did you do the clap on Thursday evening at 8 for all the amazing people that work for the NHS? It was really inspiring to stand outside my house and hear all of the people clapping around the different neighbourhoods. There’s another one on Thursday at 8 again for people who are working tirelessly in supermarkets, factories and on the farms. If you’re allowed to stay up until then, then give them a big 2A cheer please. My brother-in-law works for the NHS and was cycling to work at the time of the cheer on Thursday- he said that the clapping really spurred him on and cheered him up.


I hope you’ve managed to have a go at some of your project work- I’m looking forward to being emailed some of your work. Knowing how well you did with the Tudor Houses, I’m sure you’ll come up with some fabulous Fox paintingHedgehog Hotels. Whilst school is closed, I’m still searching for books to buy for our new library so if you read anything that you think others will want to read, then ask your grown-ups to drop me an email please. Kyawyn has enjoyed “The King who Banned the Dark” and “Ada Twist Scientist” this week. As you know Dream Team, Art is not my strongest subject (thank goodness for Mrs Routledge!) but I have been practising my Art skills this week and am proud of this that I painted for Kyawyn using a couple of cotton buds. Can you guess why I chose a fox?


Have you made anything this week that you are proud of? I’d love to see it if you have.


Looking forward to hearing from you. I hope that you are staying safe and well. Look after yourselves and each other.


Love Miss Walters xx

Mrs Glover - My Week at Home

Mrs GloverFirst of all, I could never have imagined writing this for the website! I’m at home in the school holidays not in school time, but as for many of you reading this too our lives have changed very quickly. I miss seeing you all and as the wonderful Walter Halls community that you are, you and your families are in my thoughts every day.


Window rainbowsSo, I have been at home this week looking after my two wonderful step children, Keira and Olivia aged 9 and 10 and daily messaging my daughter Elsie who is in lockdown across the city. My own Mum and sister live in Hertfordshire and my niece is a nurse in London so lots of family messaging too. My partner has been required at work this week.


Mrs Beardah and I are in daily contact and supporting each other through this time. I am so pleased that I have Mrs Beardah to follow on from next week when it will be my turn to be in school as her communication with staff and management of the situation has been super, both efficient and caring, thank you Emma.


So, what have I learnt this week then? Well Monday was a tough one because it was just a very odd feeling to be at home, I tried to split myself in two by making a timetable for the girls, giving them attention and also monitoring my work laptop. In fact I probably tried to split more than two ways by cleaning here and there, checking in with Elsie as she was waiting on news that she may be required to work too, messaging other family members, controlling what the children could eat. It wasn’t a great start to the week! However, after a sleep I realised that the one thing that I needed to adapt to quickly was that the pace of my day was going to have to be slower and do you know what that’s ok!


So here we are at Friday with rainbows in the windows, some school work for the girls done, but most of all we still have a smile on our face because we have accepted that life for now is different in some ways but not in others- yes there are times when we get on each other’s nerves but at the end of the day we are learning together and as the poster on my door at work says ‘ Throw kindness around like confetti’ so I’m throwing some to you all.


Take care stay safe but most of all ask for help if you need it- we are the Walter Halls Family.

Mrs Beardah - My Week at School

Mrs BeardahWow! What a week we’ve had. I’m still recovering from last week, 7 days later and I’m sure a lot of you are also! My week has been taken up by talking to lots and lots of different people at school, in Nottingham City Local Authority and Headteachers in other schools. I felt so sad on Friday night after watching you all go home and arrived home to my two children feeling very worried and upset about not being able to go back to school – I know lots of you must be finding this very strange too!


This week at school Mrs Rodgers, Mrs Jackson, Miss Davey and Mrs Bell have been doing lots of fun activities with the children who have been coming in to school. They have learnt how to sew, made some great Lego constructions, helped to dig our allotment and even done some baking today! We have had Mrs O’Connor and Mrs Epton in the office working hard to sort so many things out and Mrs Burton has been helping lots of our families as she always does. I’m so proud to be the Headteacher here – we are such a great team and want to help each other so much. Whatever has needed to be done here at school, we have all worked so hard to get it sorted. I’ve also been speaking with all of your teachers and staff everyday via email and they have set up some more excellent activities for you to do over the coming days.

Mrs Beardahs sister working as a paramedic


My sister is a paramedic and is working hard on the ambulances where she lives and I’ve managed to speak to her and tell her how proud of her I am, looking after so many sick people for 12 hours everyday! Here is a picture of her:


Did you manage to do the clap last night for all of the NHS staff? We all stood on my doorstep and clapped and cheered to thank everyone who is helping those who most need it. Well done if you took part.


Next week I will be at home with my two children, Reuben & Evelyn and we have planned lots of activities together. Evelyn is becoming an expert at riding her bike which is something she always avoided doing until this week! Reuben is in Year 6 and is upset he won’t be doing his SATs – but I think he will get over that one soon enough! He has set up an on-line Pokémon group with his friends at school so he still gets to speak to them every day.


We miss you all – please let us know what you are up to and we promise to keep in touch with you.


Take care, Mrs Beardah