Behaviour Systems

Walter Halls Primary is committed to creating an environment where exemplary behaviour is at the heart of productive learning. Everyone is expected to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, to accept responsibility for their behaviour and encourage others to do the same. As members of our community, we learn about our six core values of: Respect, Kindness & empathy, Aspiration, Curiosity, Collaboration and Perseverance. These guide our thinking and are central to our learning every day. We have three simple school rules to adhere to: ‘Be Ready, Respectful and Safe.’

Ready: We are READY to listen, READY to learn. We are READY for new challenges. We show each other how we are READY every day.

Respectful: We are RESPECTFUL to everyone we meet in school. We use kind words and welcome everyone. We listen to other’s opinions and share ours in a safe way.

Safe: We are SAFE and keep each other SAFE. We have kind hands, feet and words. We think about where we are and make smart choices with our actions.
 At Walter Halls we aim to:
  • Provide a safe, comfortable and caring environment where optimum learning takes place
  • Provide clear guidance for children, staff and parents of expected levels of behaviour
  • Use a consistent and calm approach
  • Ensure ALL adults take responsibility for managing behaviour and follow-up incidents personally
  • Ensure ALL adults use consistent language to promote positive behaviour and
  • Use restorative approaches instead of punishments.