How often do you talk with your children about internet safety?

How often do you talk with your children about internet safety?
Our children are spending more time online. Below are some links and resources for parents. But the biggest message we would like to flag is that you let your children know who they can talk to if there is an issue and ensuring you are checking in with them regularly.

The internet is a great place to connect with family and friends, learn, play games and watch videos and TV programmes. But it can also have downsides for our young people. They may be exposed to pornography and other inappropriate content, bullied and 'groomed' by sexual predators without even realising it.

It may be useful to consider these below points:
  • Figure out what they already know
  • Let them know you will support them no matter what
  • Talk about who they can reach out to if they need help
  • Talk about ways to report or remove harmful content.
One video, which sends out a powerful message called 'Where's Klaus?', in which a boy's mother keeps opening the door to various unsuitable people from 'The Internet'. It's nearly ten years old now, but the message is still very relevant today.

Where is Klaus? klicksafe (English version)
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