Our Vision - Be Your Best

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit (Aristotle)

At Walter Halls, everyone is an individual and is treated that way. Teachers know each and every child and are fiercely ambitious for what they can achieve. Our children have fantastic opportunities through a vibrant and rich curriculum that allows them to explore subjects and experiences in depth. This means that their academic, creative, sporting and personal accomplishments are exceptional and fully prepare them for their next stage of learning.

Children at Walter Halls develop confidence and curiosity through exploring, being active in their learning, creating and thinking critically. They solve problems and thrive off quality feedback that instils a lifelong love of learning and positivity. We celebrate perseverance and resilience that comes from making mistakes and learning from them. There are no outsiders at our school. We value everyone and celebrate differences. Our children show genuine kindness, empathy and respect and are courageous in their attitudes. We foster leadership qualities in our children so that they learn to make good choices and develop independence of action and thought.

Walter Halls is an integral part of its wider community. We are welcoming, open and honest knowing that children thrive when we work together. We know our community well and we listen to opinions and needs, contributing positively. Teachers and all of the staff at Walter Halls have high aspiration for all our children. They model the qualities we want from them; sharing good practice and learning from each other. We provide each other with quality support and training and have a research-driven attitude to teaching that enables us to make smart, reasoned choices that positively impact on the children we teach.
Our Values

At Walter Halls we hold six core values in high regard

                               Respect Kindness & Empathy Aspiration
                                 Curiosity Collaboration Perseverance

We explicitly teach our children about what these values mean, how we can demonstrate them, stand up for them and what they look like in everyday life. We dedicate our weekly assembly time entirely to the teaching of these values and expect our teachers to follow up on these messages in PHSE and RSE lessons, delivered weekly.

We look for opportunities for visiting speakers and year group events to tie-in to our messages about our Values so that we are using as many chances as possible to make our core values an authentic part of our curriculum. When we undertake curriculum reviews of different subjects, we again seek opportunities to make these connections in wider areas of learning.

We believe reward should be intrinsic so we notice these values in our children and staff frequently. We notice, thank and praise often and publicly. Each Friday, the children are rewarded further with Values Certificates and at the end of each whole term, a framed Headteachers Certificate is awarded to children demonstrating true Walter Halls Values.