Friday 10th April - Plan and Easter egg hunt

Here are some great ideas of having an Easter hunt around your home. You don't even have to use eggs!

Map your own home

Draw a map of your home and garden. Put an X where you will hide an object or egg... see if your family can follow your map to find the treasure.
Treasure Trail

Write some clue to put around the house so that your family have to follow them to find the eggciting treasure at the end. if you have younger brothers or sisters, you can draw pictures to help them. Older children, can you make your clues rhyme?
Easter Scavenger Hunt

In each room of the house, can you find something beginning with each letter of EASTER? Maybe you could win an egg if you complete every room... good luck!

Here's and eggsample: Kitchen - Eggs, Apple, Sieve, Teaspoon, Egg timer, Rolling pin!

Unscramble the Word!

Hide letters around the home that spell out a word connected to Easter. If there is more than one child at home, write the letters on different coloured card, or in different colours. Child 1 has to find the red letters and child 2 has to find all the green letters. Can you make shorter words for younger brothers and sisters and longer ones for older?