Wednesday 13th May - It's SATs week! (parts 5 and 6)

It's day 3 of SATs week and to mark the occasion we're doing a weeks worth of SATs "exams" for you to do at home. Don't worry, they're not your usual SATs tests, they're all based around school and other fun activities that you can have a go at. Find out interesting facts about your teachers, test yourself on how well you know your school, identify chocolate bars, do a scavenger hunt and lots more!

Here are the third "tests". You can print off the activities or just write your answers on paper or a computer or take photos if you like. At the end of the week we'll post all of the answers. If you want to send us your answers throughout the week you can send them to admin@walterhalls.nottingham.sch.uk (photos of answers or creations are fine) or post them in the comments on the facebook post.