Tuesday 31st March - Make a "Secret Box"

Find a box a shoe box, an empty cereal box or any other box lying around at home.
  • Decorate the box using colours, create patterns, cover with fabric, coloured paper or use collage technique.
  • Find or make objects or animals by using play-doh, simply draw them on a card or paper or find items from around your house and place them in the box.

Now play the game (you’ll need 2 people)

  • Secretly put an item in the box.
  • Now the other player must guess what you’ve put in the box. You can give clues, or they can ask questions.
  • Once they’ve guessed the item, they get to choose something to go in the box and you can guess.

Don’t forget to post a pic on the facebook post so we can see how you’re getting on!

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