Monday 6th April - Make an Easter card

Make an Easter card for someone. If you can't give it to the person you want to, maybe an adult could send a picture of it or you could post it.

Here are a few ideas of Easter card designs to have a go at:

Thumb print chicks

Use clean thumbs dipped in yellow paint to create thumbprint chicks. Draw or paint on little legs, eyes and red beaks, and there you have it!
Hand print bouquet

Fancy a change from bunnies and chicks? Then give this hand print bouquet design a go instead using bright, springtime colours. Just do three hand prints in different colours, then paint the stems and bow.
Woolly Easter Eggs

Cut out an egg shape in card and cut tiny nicks all around it, being careful not to cut too far in. Use coloured wool or string and wrap it around the card, using the nicks as a guide. You can make a pattern, or make it random, whatever you like. Then stick the woolly eggs on to a plain, or decorated card and there you have it!

Bunny Card

Create a bunny family card by drawing around your fingers and cutting out your design. Draw faces on, or add googly eyes, pipe cleaner or string whiskers and glue them in a row to create your bunny family. You can do as many or as few bunnies as you like.
Curled Paper Sheep

These are fun to make... you can make them as simple or as complex as you like. Cut long, thin strips of paper and curl them around a hair grip or pointy tweezers. Make sure it's really tight, then pull the grip out. Use glue to stick the curl to a piece of card or paper. Once you've got enough to make your sheep's body, draw or stick on the head and legs.
Use this video tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtQBHZzi74w to make a woven Easter egg card.

Written instructions are here: https://www.redtedart.com/woven-egg-chick-cards-printables/ and the printable PDF is here:
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Easter Word Cloud

Your Easter card doesn't have to be all cutting and sticking. You can use WordCloud. Think of as many words as you can connected to Easter and/or spring. Remember the more times you use the word, the bigger they should be. You could draw this yourself on paper if you prefer.

You can find lots more ideas for making Easter cards using Google, YouTube or Pinterest. Whatever card you make, we'd love to see photos on the facebook post.