Thursday 30th April - Write a springtime poem or story

Outside there are signs of spring everywhere! Blossom on the trees, flowers in gardens and it's feeling warmer, we've even had a few April showers!

Can you write a poem or a story about spring? Think about what you can see, close your eyes, what can you hear? How does it makes you feel? Can you think of other things that happen in spring?

Once you've written your poem, can you decorate the page with spring pictures?

You can get lots of ideas for different spring poems here: https://littlelearningcorner.com/2017/03/5-spring-poems-for-kids.html

There are also lots of ideas at https://www.twinkl.co.uk/. It's free to sign up at the moment, just log in and search "Spring Poems".

We'd love to hear your poems. You can post them in the comments on the facebook page, or even get someone to video you reading your poem!