Friday 27th March - The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Don’t worry, Mrs Smith didn’t really have a tiger come for tea BUT if you have access to google chrome on a tablet, phone or I-pad, then you might be able to try this yourself at home. Just be aware it may not work on all devices.

1: Search your animal on google chrome. Animals that should work in 3D include: tiger, lion, bear, duck, panda, shark and an emperor penguin.

2: An option should appear on google to ‘Meet a life-sized lion up close’, click on the option to ‘view in 3d’.

3: Next, click ‘View in your space’. Follow the instructions on the screen and the animal will magically appear.

The best bit: If you want to, you can have your photo taken next to an animal (don’t worry, they won’t eat you). If you manage to do this and want to share it, then we would love to see it on our Walter Halls Facebook page.

Why not take it a step further and create a story to explain how the animal came to your home in the first place. Tell someone in your house the story (and if you want to, you can write it down).

Don’t forget to post a pic on the facebook post so we can see how you’re getting on!

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