Tuesday 28th April - Make your own game of pairs

If you're someone who loves looking at flags, then this game could be for you!

Decorate as many matching pairs of flags as you want (I would suggest at least 4 pairs). You could use a flag from your country or from a country you've visited before.

Once you've made them, turn them upside down, mix them up and see how quickly you can fid the pairs. Who is the quickest in your household?

If flags aren't your thing, then you could adapt this game to almost anything: food, animals, numbers, words or whatever you like!

Don't forget, you can send us pictures of your creations in the comments on the facebook post, or send them to admin@walterhalls.nottingham.sch.uk. We won't post any pictures of children sent to us via email on social media unless you specifically tell us we can.