Friday 22nd May - Make a bird feeder

Milk bottle bird feeder

Using an empty milk bottle, carefully cut a hole out of it. Make a small hole just below the large hole and poke a stick through so birds can land on it. If you want to, you can decorate the bottle. Use markers, paint or stick things on. Tie some string or strong wool around the handle and hang in a tree, then place water or bird food in the bottom of the bottle and look out for birds!
Toilet roll birdfeeder

Make 2 holes in each end of your toilet roll. Coat it in peanut butter (smooth works best for sticking seeds on, but crunchy is fine) and role in bird seed if you have any (but the peanut butter is enough). poke sticks through the holes in one end and tie a string through the holes in the other end then hang your feeder in a tree.

There are lots of other ideas for bird feeders online. We'd love to see what you come up with. Show us in the comments on the facebook post.